Sunday, August 30, 2009


I recently began painting shoes. The first pair I did was a goldfish and a frog for my daughter. These I did on a pair of pink shoes she already had, mostly experimenting to see how difficult drawing on shaped canvas would be.
I next began work on a pair for myself. I wanted a rooster and a golden pig. A pig and a rooster on the feet are a traditional pirate tattoo meant as a ward against drowning at sea, something I have been considering as a tattoo for myself. It has an added layer of meaning for me as my children were born in the year of the rooster (2005) and the year of the golden pig (2007). I was fairly happy with the result though I already find things that I would do differently were I to try again (a spur for the rooster, no hair on the pig, fix the pig's ear).
I found white Vans at a store in Santa Cruz, Old School Shoes, that also sold some waterproofing spray.
The store also sold hand painted shoes from local artists who were available for commission as well. These ranged from about $70-$90, which seemed about right given that the shoes themselves were ~$40.
Given that these took me at least 6-8 hrs, I'm just doing them as a hobby unless I got a lot faster.
I'm currently working on a crocodile and a squid for my son, my favorite pair yet, and have agreed to doing two other pairs for friends one of which will be tigers.
squid and crock


  1. Are you willing to sell the shoes or recreate? I am looking for a gift for my bf, and the rooster & pig vans would be great.

  2. I was also curious if you'd be interested in selling a pair of the pig and rooster vans. I'm interested in getting it as a tattoo as well.