Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mortal Online Creature Contest: Dryad

This was a fan-based creature contest that I won a while back. Mortal Online is an MMO currently in beta. The game looks stunning and has many interesting features.It is a first person based free for all PvP game set in a fantasy world. Starvault is an interesting company, like the Wolfire team they actually talk quite a bit with their fanbase both on their forums and in irc. If you have any interest in MMOs I would highly recommend checking them out.

Here is the creature description that I gave:
This is a re-imagining of the classic Dryad creatures:

I wanted to go for something a bit darker.

They say a dryad is created when a maiden's life and virtue are taken from her upon the roots of an elder tree. When the roots of the tree drink the blood of the woman, the tree's Kodama fuses with the angry ghost of the murdered woman. The resulting horror is a Dryad.

Dryads are rare creatures found most often in heavily wooded areas. They appear as a mostly bare tree with a woman's head, arms, and torso protruding from the trunk. The woman's skin has the color and texture of sun bleached deadwood, her eyes are deep hollow sockets, and each of her fingers end in long twiggy branches. The ground around them, that within the reach of their powerful roots will always be blackened and lifeless.

Dryads are not completely stationary, but they don't tend to wander and are slow enough that they may almost seem unmoving. To die by a dryad's embrace is both painful and slow. If a wanderer is foolish enough to investigate the strange visage of the woman, or mistakes the dryad for an ordinary tree and enters the blackened ring of cracked earth, powerful roots will grab him and hold him in place while the creature makes its slow advance. The dryad has an incredible supply of vitality, and is mostly immune to many types of damage. Being a creature of wood, they can be set ablaze with fire, however once the dryad reaches her prey, the resulting firey embrace will return this damage to her victim. The primary damage done is through constricting roots which crush the intended prey's bones and internal organs. When the victim is close to death the tree will actually open up at the base of its trunk and stuff the warrior within its hollow, closing around him for the final crushing and suffocation.

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